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A big friendly hello from Hoo and Zebby, our writing pals. 

Each week our budding authors will help you to write some amazing stories.  You will be given worksheets, exercises, and competitions!! Plus, every month we want you to send in your work and we’ll publish the best ones!

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All you need to keep your children motivated at home, including advice by professionals, ideas and inspiration for stories all in one workbook magazine.

In this month’s edition, we have creative writing tips, story prompts, story games, new book recommendations and a book giveaway.

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Competition Winner

While we are still taking a much-needed break here at Hoo’s Writing Corner, we still keep our eyes out for talent. Please see below the winning entry from ten-year-old Joshua Boholst from St Cecilias Catholic Primary School, Surrey, who’s just won a writing competition with the Royal Mint! Well done Joshua!


Dear Subscribers,It’s with a heavy heart that I write to you and let you know that Hoo’s Writing Magazine is coming to an end.  The magazine was starting during lock-down and while it’s been good, I feel that the time is come to end it now that the world is beginning to open up again.I…

Easter Winners

I hope your enjoying your Easter break.  I’ve been enjoying reading all of the competition entries this month and have chosen our winners.  See the winning stories here. We’ve just announced another competition and the deadline isn’t until the 1st July, so there’s plenty of time to get writing. If you’re in need of some…



Hoo and Zebby will take you through the writing stages using a mix of fun exercises and downloadable sheets.

Creative Resources

All of our resources promises to entertain and stimulate young brains.

Hoo’s Adventures


Every week you can keep up to date with Hoo’s adventures as he travels the world. Read his weekly story here.



Click here to download free worksheets. We have a mixture of spelling, write what you see and many other stimulating worksheets to complete.


We are a creative company that believes in enriching minds. We want to help little ones reach their writing goals with weekly exercises and think that with the right help they can become mini authors.

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